Multifunctional pendant or table lamp of high-density concrete and bended acrylic glass.

A simple acrylic foot can be slid into the concrete lamp shade in two directions, creating a hanging and a standing version of the lamp. The lamp is giving a warm, atmospheric and indirect light, highlighting the object itself and its contrasting materials. The view inside the lamp surprises: By using thin, flexible LED-straps, the light source is merged with the lampshade, whose inside remains empty.

The unusual combination of materials reverses material-choice and -language of a classical lamp. Not the foot but the the shade consists of a massive and heavy material. Against this, the foot shows characteristics of the classical lamp-shade: lightness, transparency and the play with light.

A simple aluminium-clamp carries the lamp, weighing almost 2 kg, without any further screws or fixation. Due to a low-voltage system (halogen or LEDs), the carrying steel ropes can be used as conductors.